I'm why you're here


Izaac's team of medical professionals stood by his side the entire time

I-man as we call him was a wild creature, never sitting still and always jumping up and down as a little kid. In third grade things started to change, that summer he grew 8" and surpassed his older brother in size all around. By the middle of fourth grade he was sick and weak with a cough that would not stop. After ENT visits, pulmonary testing and other tests for TB and HIV he was deemed "normal." Then by May and many months of missed school, his pediatrician finally made the realization that all of these symptoms lead to a mass in the middle of Izaac's brain. We were flown to Centennial Airport the next day and transferred to Children's Hospital to meet with the amazing team of surgeons and neuro-oncologists that are still in our lives today. Treatment went well. Izaac powered through and we visited the zoo, the museum and every other thing in Denver to keep this kiddo busy. We went home after 31 radiation treatments. Three months later scans looked good. Then four days before he was due for his next three month set of scans, Izaac had a headache and started vomiting. After a 2am drive to Denver from Steamboat, we saw the news, a tumor had grown in the same place as before in only three months. Exactly one year to the date, May 14, Izaac had relapsed. It was too soon and treatment was difficult, unlikely and risky. No more radiation, surgery not possible. After a stem cell harvest our go to chemo was not working to shrink the tumor, we had to take many untested chances and our team of medical professionals stood beside us the entire time. We finished scans again with the accomplishment of the longest time Izaac has been off treatment since he started in 2012.