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Neal H.

At diagnosis, he was in stage four, the most advanced cancer.

Neal (Bugsy) Dennett Hutchinson had just turned four years old when he was diagnosed with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma, a non-Hodgkins cancer. At diagnosis, he was in stage four, the most advanced cancer. Luckily for him, the doctors at The Children’s Hospital were ready to promote a bone marrow transplant as his best hope for cure. He went to Omaha, Nebraska, where he was the youngest candidate ever for a stem cell transplant. The developers of the Cobe apheresis machine sent all of their top people to watch as Neal was hooked up for his 8 day, 8 hour per day apheresis.

Neal attends school at Holy Cross College, in Worcester, Mass. and is contemplating an English major, with some graduate school inspiration at a later date...he has finished his summer job, working at a cabinet shop in town, and is looking forward to school in the fall.


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