Funding Research

Community Need

By fulfilling its mission and objectives, The Morgan Adams Foundation serves a tremendous need in the community.

Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children -- 1 in every 330 kids is diagnosed with cancer across the US each year.

And yet pediatric cancer research is seriously under-funded. 

The Morgan Adams Foundation helps fill the gap between the limited pediatric cancer research dollars available and critical projects that might otherwise go unfunded. By providing seed, bridge gifts and grants for research exploring more effective and less-toxic therapies for the treatment of pediatric cancers, we are funding hope.

We also focus on funding collaboration so that the money we're investing provides the greatest number of new treatments in the most efficient way.

Through careful placement of funds, we encourage and support crucial research initiatives intended to improve treatment effectiveness, treatment outcomes and the overall quality of life for children battling cancer.

Foundation Funding Priorities

Our goal, as we grow, is to fund an ever-increasing number of new research projects and studies that will produce better therapies for children with cancer. We will:

  • Continue to provide funding for both basic science and clinical investigations in the areas of pediatric oncology and neuro-oncology which will translate into potential therapies for pediatric cancer;
  • Increase overall funding of collaborative trials organizations studies designed to speed the development of new therapies for children with cancer; and
  • Assist children, their families and caregivers in coping with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by providing access to community resources and quality of life programs.