Our Mission

The Morgan Adams Foundation raises money and awareness on behalf of children affected with cancer. Working with leading physicians, we directly fund pediatric cancer research and therapies which will improve survival rates and reduce the devastating side-effects cancer treatments have on our children.

Our Purpose

The Morgan Adams Foundation supports laboratory and clinical research in the area of pediatric cancer, with an emphasis on cancers of the brain and spine. Our particular interest is to provide seed & bridge grants for viable investigations not yet ripe enough for total funding by larger organizations. Additionally, we are able to partially fund translational studies, experimental therapeutics studies and/or Phase I and II clinical trials on a case-by-case basis.

We are also increasingly seeking out projects that are highly collaborative and/or multi-institutional in nature, hoping to facilitate through the strategic placement of funding, more rapid trials development in order to get the best possible treatment options into circulation with the greatest expediency possible.

Through careful consideration and placement of our funding, we encourage and support research intended to improve treatment effectiveness, improve treatment outcomes and improve the quality of life for children battling cancer.