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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Averagelog August 22, 2012

The Miracle that is The Life Vessel

I met Gail Lynn at a networking event early this year, and was immediately impressed with her professionalism and business acumen.  She knew her stuff, not only of her business but OF business.  I thought the two of us could do business together, but I became immediately interested in her product, The Life Vessel.

THE LIFE VESSEL® was invented by Barry McNew in 1998.  One thing that impresses me is that Barry McNew isn’t a doctor, a chiropractor or a Yogi…he’s someone who studied and figured out something that really works.  You can watch him describe the technology in detail by clicking here.

Formally speaking, the Life Vessel, a patented non-invasive technology and technique by which Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light Waves are applied to the human body in a resonate frequency, resulting in the body being able to perform its innate natural ability to heal itself.  In averageman lingo, it’s a big box that resembles a tanning bed that you lie in for an hour and achieve maximum relaxation.


It’s impossible for me to put that feeling – and my personal experiences into words.  But I’m going to try.

My first time in the Life Vessel was back in May.  After the first minute I started to feel weird things happening in my body, like my left pinkie finger pulsing.  Back in November, I broke my finger in my annual Thanksgiving pickup family football game.  It hasn’t been the same since.  I thought, “hmmm…that’s interesting”.   I don’t remember a single thing after, but when I “awoke”, I channeled by inner Lion King…hakuna matata.  The next day I was faster, more powerful and feeling fully revitalized from the training week before.  Next time I’m going to pay more attention…

This week in the Life Vessel felt stronger going in…no need to rid myself of the pains of early training.  If you recall, there’s less pain now…only eternal exhaustion.  I tried hard to notice what was happening to my body.  A warm buzzing in my calves, a feeling of waves over my quadriceps…it’s working again!  Then a feeling in my face and frontal lobe that can be described as a chapter-length portion of book pages being turned from left to right, “unfolding” my face, brain and head.  WEEEEEEIRDDDDDD….

The bulbs grow dimmer, or at least it appears that way to my eyes.  I was out by now the last time I was in the vessel, I thought…perhaps I’m not letting myself go.  What time is it, I wonder?  Am I wasting my session because I’m not letting go?  SHUT UP, STUPID!!!  RELAX!!!

And then I’m gone.  Total restfulness…the lowest level of my subconscious.  It’s not sleep…it can’t be.  I feel like I’m somehow aware of my surroundings, but consumed by the sounds surrounding me.  If the Grim Reaper was standing over me, I wouldn’t have either noticed or cared…nothing seems to matter and disturb me in this state.  I think I’m awake…no, I must be asleep.  And then the door opens.

Tracy has brought an end to my session, and I’m a little bummed about it.  Whatever this feeling is, I want it back.  Gail tells me that people discover things about themselves that are sometimes buried down deep, from relationships to childhood abuse and more.  This comfortable state of total relaxation yields more than the body healing itself…it’s a bit of a revelation.

What I can tell you for certain is this…the intense throbbing in my shoulders is gone.  My attitude is completely relaxed and the “weight of the world” has been lifted, even if just for the day.  I am stronger, I am recovered and I am ready to get out and train again.  The Life Vessel makes me a better athlete.

Whatever your malady, I’m willing to bet the Life Vessel has served it.  From autism to multiple sclerosis, depression to Crohn’s Disease, the body is capable of healing itself once in its most relaxed state.  Don’t take my word for it, click here to read and watch the testimonials.  I’m hooked, I think you will be, too.

Our friends at Life Vessel of the Rockies will extend a healthy discount for averageman followers who would like to experience the Life Vessel personally.  You can reach her through our website, www.iamaverageman.com, or by dialing 303-630-9218, Tuesday through Saturday.   A free consultation is always provided.