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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A'Very' Special Life Inspires Our Newest Ambassadors

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Avery Dudasch is one of the reasons we are all here at The Morgan Adams Foundation. You’ll start to see her featured on the memorial posters at our events, where we hope you will meet her inspiring parents. After their 11-year-old daughter Avery passed away a year ago, her parents, John and Vicki Dudasch, became passionately involved with MAF. Last August, the couple discovered MAF at the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance. They were so overwhelmed and impressed by the event, the cause and the Foundation, that they knew they wanted to help. John is now on the Board of Directors, focusing on operational and organizational planning, while Vicki assists with the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance auction.

Unfortunately, the story behind the Dudasch family’s introduction to MAF is all too familiar. Avery was a happy and passionate 10-year-old girl who loved every moment of riding her new pony. According to Vicki, her life stopped on a dime on Aug. 2, 2011. In her words:

After a few bouts of what we thought was a recurring stomach bug, we found ourselves sitting in the ER, trying to understand how our sweet girl could have a brain tumor. Within hours of that first MRI, we were rushed to Children’s Hospital and admitted into the Pediatric Oncology program. Over the following two weeks Avery had a brain biopsy, a port inserted into her chest, and started 10 months of therapy to destroy the Diffuse High Grade Glioma growing in her brain. Diffuse High Grade Gliomas are evil and deadly and almost impossible to kill. While the doctors treated her cancer, Avery’s pony, Gracefully Dun, treated the one thing no one else could touch or truly understand—her soul. She rode Grace during her entire treatment; it made her feel alive, normal and FEARLESS. Although Avery’s cancer was aggressive, her scans consistently showed she was beating it. She relapsed on May 8, 2012, just three weeks before her last treatment. On June 27, 2012 heaven got another angel and we will forever live without half of our heart. Avery’s short life was full of grace, and it truly was A‘very’ special life.