Signature Flight Support - Our First Host

Sunday, August 20, 2017

In 2003, Signature Flight Support was the relative newcomer to Centennial Airport (APA) after opening on the south side in 2001. The south side of the airport was undeveloped with the exception of the Sunborne Company’s development with Signature as the FBO. During this time, business was slow and finding your way to the south side of the airport was difficult. Early in 2003, a young investment manager, Brett Derosier, rented an office in the Signature Flight Support facility and quickly became friends with the entire staff and management team. Brett was extremely enthusiastic about aviation and wanted to absorb as much of the airport environment as he could.

Brett’s enormous heart guided him to approach Signature with an idea that had never been done at APA. Brett wanted to create a hangar event combining luxury and vintage vehicles with aircraft, but most importantly, it was an event to celebrate the life of Morgan Adams and raise money for pediatric cancer research. The Signature team was lukewarm to the idea at first; cars and airplanes typically don’t mix well on the airport grounds. But Brett was persistent and relentless in his dream to make the event happen.

With many months of planning for the unknown, the first Morgan Adams Concours d'Elegance was born and held in the new Signature Flight Support hangar on May 17, 2003. Not only was the event a huge success, but it also helped the Centennial Airport community become comfortable with operations on the south side of the airport. In all, Brett’s determination helped create a tremendous event that continues strong to this day, but his vision also helped get Signature and Sunborne on the map at APA.

Signature Flight Support is extraordinarily proud to have been part of the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance from the very beginning. With the incredible event celebrating its 15th year in 2017, Signature Flight Support honors The Morgan Adams Foundation for its continued success and growth.


-Craig Teasdale, Area Director Signature Flight Support