Concours 2012: A Landmark Year for The Morgan Adams Foundation

Friday, September 28, 2012

The weather on Saturday, August 25th was nothing short of exceptional, setting the stage for the best year in the history of the Morgan Adams Concours d'Elegance.  Experience the event through photos HERE, thanks to our wonderful photographers: Al Axelrod, Blacktie Colorado, Tom Carlisle, Julie Kemerling, John Little and John Waugh. We'd like to begin by thanking every generous person and business who made this year's event a resounding success!


TO OUR GUESTS: We send our thanks and hopes that next year, you'll join us with a new friend by your side who's never experienced all that is Concours.

TO OUR VOLUNTEERS: You're the heart of MAF. We wouldn't be able to meet our mission year after year without your generosity, time, and support.

TO OUR AIRCRAFT, AUTOMOBILE & MOTORCYCLES OWNERS: You're the drive and sparkle behind this event year after year. We'd be lost without you and your passions!

TO OUR SPONSORS: You are exceptional and your ongoing commitment to helping us put an end to pediatric cancer is worth more than our gratitude -- you are the reason we can do everything we do and share our mission, year after year.

If you didn't have the opportunity to review the sponsorship signage or information in The Morgan Adams Concours d'Elegance
CATALOG, please take a moment to stop by our SPONSORS PAGE and visit the businesses that made this year's event possible. We thank you for simply being the best partners a nonprofit organization could ever hope to have -- and we hope to one day not need your support as we work towards the eradication of "pediatric cancer" from vocabularies worldwide.

TO OUR AMBASSADORS & THEIR FAMILIES: Your partnership, courage, and willingness to be the faces and voices of Concours 2012 goes beyond our thanks -- you are ALL why we're here. And we thank you for your trust, time, love, and willingness to be a vocal part of our biggest year ever and ongoing mission. You can learn more about our Ambassadors and their stories here.

This post is our way of sharing three very special pieces of news: our estimate of funds raised, auction results, and announce our Best in Show results. Here we go!

MEETING THE CHIP CHALLENGE: 10 CoPilots committed to make a difference in the lives of 10 future children battling cancer by contributing $10,000 — the equivalent of 10 research chips to analyze cancer tumors. Each CoPilot sponsored one of our survivors, who served as Ambassadors for the night. The room rose to meet this "opening gambit" and the CHIPS alone brought in over $280,000 -- and counting! It was an honor for us to share with you the real success behind the event -- the kids whose lives are impacted by your generosity. Thank you for your truly amazing support!

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Taylor - In Celebration of
Dr. Timothy Allen - In Celebration of Eli
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kauffman - In Celebration of Tayler
Mr. & Dr. J. Kent Miller - In Celebration of Kuhu
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Petroff & Ms. Patty Jenkins - In Celebration of Grace
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kooi - In Celebration of Myles
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Zeigler - In Celebration of Caitlin
Mr. & Mrs. Dennett Hutchinson – In Celebration of Aaron
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Wiesner - In Celebration of Christian
Mr. Joseph Thibodeau - In Celebration of Whitney
Dr. Denny O’Connell - In Celebration of our 2013 Ambassador...

AUCTION HIGHLIGHTS: Thank you to our wonderful donors, bidders and auctioneer! The live auction really moved the room and the top selling items were: 

  • Lear Jet to Vegas. Sold! Thank you to the generous donor who offered a flight for six on his Lear jet, formerly owned by Johnny Carson!
  • Just in Time - A United Kingdom Adventure. Sold! Thank you to Bremont Cronometers and Oster Jewelers for a fabulous trip for two that includes a Bremont SOLO timepiece.
  • Flight in a Citation Mustang Jet to Napa Weekend with Five-Star Accommodations. Sold! Thank you to David Fetter for donating this great package for four.
  • Alaska Sport Fishing Adventure at Sportsman's Cove Lodge. Sold! Thank you to donors Mike & Connie Young and Sportsman Cove for this spectacular three-day fishing adventure.
  • The Morgan Adams Concours d'Elegance Coveted Doctors' Dinner. Sold! Thank you to research doctors Michael Handler, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Nick Foreman, Director of Pediatric NeuroOncology and Arthur Liu, Director of Pediatric Radiation Oncology, who will cook the five-course meal (no hired help here!).

Please SHARE your thoughts with us about the electronic bidding used in our auction.

BEST IN SHOW AND PEOPLE'S CHOICE RESULTS: Every year, Concours guests vote for the best among the stunning aircraft, automobiles and motorcycles on display. Here are the results of this year's show -- and again, a hearty and heartfelt thanks to all of our generous owners who make this feast for the eyes possible.

People's Choice Aircraft: 1943 North American T - Vern Randall

People's Choice Automobile: 1952 Allard J2X - Peter Freytag

People's Choice Motorcycle: 1953 Indian Chief - Gary Re

The Lyndsey R. Cunningham Award: Peer's Choice - Aircraft: 1984 Aerovodochy L-39 - Richard Bacon

The Joshua L. English Award: Peer's Chocie - Automobile: 1933 MG L - Bill Bollendonk

The Christopher J. Henderson Award: Peer's Choice - Motorcycle: 1929 Henderson KJ - John Weber

The Brett M. Derosier Memorial Award - Best in Show: 1944 North American B25 Mitchell - Bill Klaers